Where did the time come from?

We came here with SO much that we wanted to accomplish, projects outside of the Hogar De Vida at the homes of some of the staff, painting all 9 bedrooms inside house 1, and painting many tables and bookcases that were built by the team before us. All of that on top of watching the children so the Tia’s could have a baby shower for one of them, do a training one day and a valentines day party on another day. Keep in mind, our work project time is usually only in the morning, there is no scheduled work time on Sunday and Tuesday we were in Jaco all day. So this essentially gave us only 4 mornings to complete all of this. To say that many of our team members were feeling overwhelmed and feeling less than confident that we would leave here with our projects far from completed.

I wish I could tell you that each and every project was 100% completed, however, they were not. What I can tell you is that the biggest project of painting house 1, and probably the one most important to the children and the staff at Hogar De Vida is completed! I can tell you that we made sizable dents in all the others. What I can also tell you is that we accomplished much more than we ever expected to. I can tell you that all of us that began to panic because there was no way we could come even close to finishing our work, are pleased with what we were able to do. I can also tell you that all that we did blessed Hogar De Vida and lightened their load. I can also tell you that all we did blessed us to do it for them.

Like my last trip here, it seems as though God gives us more time, but only on the last day. We work from 9:00-12:00, but some how those last 3 hours take longer to pass by than all the other mornings. It’s as if He sees our hearts and our desires to finish, and finish strong and gives us two minutes for every one. I’m so thankful that God cares about even the small stuff, we need to remember that and bring everything to Him in prayer. Dios Es Bueno.

Lisa G