We’re home!

The team got back to Lakeland around midnight this morning. We were so blessed with easy travels through all the airports and no missing luggage. It was awesome to see our huge group with our matching shirts filling up lines.  I personally was awed by the amount of people that commented and asked us about our shirts, from tsa agents to flight attendants to people in line by us. We did have a few people in Texas that thought we were making some sort of statement about the border situation though. We had to explain that it was spiritual borders, not physical.  We also liked to confuse people by shouting out our numbers when we were stopped to make sure we didn’t loose anyone (Matt gave each of us a number in Costa Rica so we would count off and know who was missing).

I was so privileged to help lead this team. They were so awesome, with no complaining even though it was hot and we were almost constantly busy. And even the days when I was sick, they still accomplished everything with no hiccups. I especially loved seeing and hearing the changes taking place in the team members. There are so many awesome stories and I hope you are able to talk to a team member and hear them.

I am also thankful for the people there and the love they consistently show Lakeland’s teams. To them, we are part of their family. And for those of us that go there, it is like home.

Ok, I will stop rambling. I have had very little sleep, but work must get done. I hope you have enjoyed our blog and as I said before, talk to our team, hear their stories, God has done some mighty things.