Valentine’s Beauty

It is such a blessing to spend this week.. this day with such an amazing group!  Oh- the laughter, fellowship, connecting, friendships = so beautiful!!!

The day began with the ‘buses’ picking us up at 6:15am to head to the town of Jaco (pronounced Hako) for a day of trust and rest.  As a side note: it amazes me that EVERY TIME we have a deadline, we are ALL on time, all 22 of us.  This team has been so busy and diligent to do work and bless the children and adults who work and reside at Hogar de Vida.  We were just ready for a break.

The day began with showing us God’s beauty…fitting for Valentine’s Day!  During the drive, we stopped at a lookout point to take in God’s glorious view of nature…He would prove faithful all day.  The view over the vast valley of lush vegetation and the sun rising with the ocean in the distance = amazing!

The second stop was at a busy bridge in which we would walk very closely along the traffic (that would not happen in the states) to see unbelievably large crocodiles in and on the river bank below.  This sight was not necessarily beautiful, but it was incredible!  They are HUGE…just HUGE! Named Crocodile bridge as they just sunbathed in their natural habit.

On to the resort where we would enjoy breakfast before venturing to the portion of the day that would prove tough for some…faith and trust is what this whole trip has been about for everyone. This part was no exception.  First act of trust…we all sat in a trailer being pulled by a large trailer up the crazy, scary, dusty and extremely steep hill with sharp turns to be dropped off at the top of the zip line!!  On to the first station where we would, one-by-one, be hooked up to the zip line and start down the mountain.  For some, it was soooo hard…putting their trust in the Lord to take that first leap off.  But…EVERY ONE did it!!  We ALL made it to the bottom alive!  We were so blessed to enjoy the breath taking beauty of Costa Rican nature and the lush vegetation we zipped through!

Shopping in the town of Jaco: the natives, the busy life, the beauty of the Costa Rican culture.  Glad we have the opportunity to bring a piece of Costa Rica home with us.

The black beach at the resort…the sound of the ocean waves…mountains on each side of the beach…excitement of jumping in the waves…glorious sunshine…time to visit with our team members…all of it so good for the soul.  A beautiful time to reflect on the simple awesomeness of Costa Rica, of Hogar De Vida.

OH…MY…The sunset was breath taking.  We are so thankful for the absolute glorious beauty the Lord has shown each of us during this entire trip.  The sunset was just one example of the awesome painting that the Lord puts on the canvas of our world as we know it.  Emily reminded us all regularly to ‘stop eating…look at the sunset’.  It just kept getting more and more beautiful even after the sun had set over the horizon of the ocean. We couldn’t stop taking pictures! Though this trip is not yet over, the sunset was all encompassing of the experiences, the time and the love we have all experienced thus far while in Costa Rica.

Finally, on the trip home, Sarah G pointed out the stars; stars beyond stars.  God’s amazing glorious beauty is a gift for all of us to enjoy.  Life in the states gets so busy, but He shows us His love and beauty All The Time….we need to slow down, look, listen….


Lisa A.