The power of Love

From the moment that I got here to Hogar De Vida the presence of God has been overwhelming.  Getting to know the members of the group has been nothing short of a blessing.  Everyone has been very gracious and the fellowship has been extremely edifying.  During my time here we have divided up the responsibilities and multiplied the success’, all serving as members of the same body of Christ.

It has been very rewarding watching the team realize our goals and witness its mission come to fruition.  Seeing the joy on the kids faces interacting with our team, as we pour into them the love and support given to us by God.  I personally have had the blessing of interacting with the same group of boys during my time here.  We played soccer, blew bubbles and played on the outside playground. Each day during this time has brought great joy hearing them call out my name and hear their laughter as we ran around.

When it comes time to say our good nights at the end of the day, the boys seem to be sad to see us go.   But I always say “mañana”  with a smile on my face.  However, I know my time here at Hogar De Vida is drawing to an end, which makes me sad as well.  As I start up the hill to their casa with their hands in my hand, I stop and say good night.  They say “audios amigo”, walking away, then they look down in contemplation.  With a final hesitation they will run back and give me a big hug before going to their casa for the evening. This leaves my heart in shambles and aching for these children. As much as God is touching the lives of these children through our servitude, God is also touching our lives through these children.