Every morning we each speak one word that sums up how we are feeling. It’s exciting to see how people are feeling and how each new day has evolved our emotions. There are relationships forming here that will last a lifetime. We are supportive and embracing this journey.  We are concentrating on lifting each other up today. Intentionally praising each other and will conclude our evening with three words that we are feeling most thankful for in this moment here at Hogar de Vida.

After a quick breakfast, our team headed in to town for church. We were joined by some of the Tia’s and a few of the children.  We were welcomed with open arms at church and blessed to have the sermon translated for us! The teaching was on Ephesians 1: 1-14. That Grace gives us peace but peace does not produce grace. You must have the grace of Christ for that peace. We have been graced with spiritual blessings because God wants us to prosper but what’s most important to Him is our spiritual prospering.  And what a place for all of us to grow! Described in the book of Ephesians were three mentioned blessings: Adoption, Redemption and Inheritance! We were adopted into a love that we were not worthy of. Yet, we were all redeemed at the mercy of the cross where his mercies are engraved. But that was not enough. The Lord gave us more. We will live and walk with Jesus for all eternity. We have an inheritance for all who believe. We don’t qualify. The only way to be holy and clean is by the blood of Jesus. None of us are worthy but by the sacrifice if you believe! God doesn’t see our failures. He sees Jesus in us! If you ask, what’s your purpose in life? Society says you must be rich or beautiful. Don’t get frustrated. The reason why we exist…. for your life…. it’s to glorify God. That’s it! That’s our richness!

After lunch, we got to experience the richness of His love for us in the form of a 70′ waterfall! We are so fortunate to see His beautiful artwork all around here in Costa Rica but this sight took our breaths away. It was worth the mile walk plus 324 stairs down… and so again those words we were feeling in the morning God provided….





How else can you describe this playground He has provided for His children? We laughed. We swam. We soaked in the sun as the water kept flowing. And once again, we experienced His richness upon us.  Even if we still had the 324 stairs back up…

We’ve discovered that this group seems to have a common theme this week: Trust. Trust in the Lord. Trust in each other. Trust in our safety. Trust in communications though we are thousands of miles from home. But, as we lean into Him and each other, that trust is growing. And it is so beautiful!