Muros no Mas

Thursday, another day that the Lord has made especially for our team and our last morning here at Hogar De Vida. Yes, He crafted this day specially and specifically for each of us.  God does this every day – whether at home or in Costa Rica.  He does it for you and He does it for me.  I don’t know how He does it.  I do know that we have a choice to participate or not. Yes, He lets us freely choose if we will accept what He has for us or we can go about our day under our own strength.  My choice far to often is to go it on my own.  This is routine for me and I must admit the norm.  Something however is different in me this past week while here at Hogar De Vida and  I have been asking God what He’s up to.  He is revealing to me that He is working on a remodeling project…

I have been profoundly moved somehow these few days gone by.  I have often wondered what it takes to truly move me.  Perhaps it takes a long flight to a beautiful land far away.  Perhaps it takes the giggles, the smile, or the tears of a small child.  Maybe it takes a hard day’s work on behalf of these little ones and the satisfaction that I did just a little something for these precious ones of Jesus.  Maybe it is the remarkable coming together of a team of 22 people that for the most part barely knew one another a few days ago.  The absolute willingness to share with one another; the feeling of closeness as if brothers and sisters (which we are) the way the Lord intends; the watching out for and shoring up of one another.  The realizing and sharing of the many victories, miracles, and revelations that each of us have experienced while here.

I have learned that God speaks to each of us in so many ways.  He knows exactly how to reach us wherever we are.  I think that the condition of our hearts will determine the method that He will use to move us where we need to be.  We can come with a “willing pliable heart” or we can come “kicking and screaming”.  Regardless, in His mercy, He keeps on calling for us because He is our loving Daddy.

You know that remodeling project that I mentioned – it’s more like a demolition project.  In fact a few days ago God showed me an image of this project.  I saw a wall built of flat stones.  The wall appeared to have been there a long time and seemed aged.  The center of the wall had been mostly removed.  God was on one side of the wall and I on the other.  You see God had been removing stones this past week but then I began to replace them.  I should not be replacing the stones because that wall needs to come down; it is truly an eye sore.  OK, I get it Lord, I have built many walls around myself – walls designed to keep others Out.  Please Father will you remove the supply of rocks on my side of the wall.