“I Hell You”

I heard Hogar De Vida was this amazing magical place where God speaks to you so clearly. He hits people with a 2×4 here. I wanted that 2×4. I so badly wanted to hear the voice of God. There were decisions I needed to make and I wanted God to clearly tell me my answers. He didn’t and that’s ok. Matt, one of the missionaries mentioned there was a time that he didn’t hear the voice of God clearly. He kept following God and seeking. Now, he hears God’s voice clearly. I’ll keep my eyes on Jesus and trust He’ll give me answers in His time.

God taught me about being vulnerable and trusting him on the zipline. It was Valentine’s Day. This was supposed to be our day of rest and it was my day of panic. Were ziplines designed by Satan? So, I was in tears…how embarrassing right?? Others in my group placed their hands on my shoulder and assured me I can do it. Jerry stuck with me the whole way and helped remind me to breathe. He placed a hand on my shoulder and reminded me that I’m going to be okay. I hated being vulnerable but was reminded of the importance of being vulnerable so others can pray for you and encourage you.

People told me the first jump is the hardest. For me….every jump was the hardest.  I wanted to quit after the first jump and there was over an hour of ziplining through the rainforest left. I had trouble breathing, my legs were trembling, tears were streaming down my face.  When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I got stuck. A sweet little Costa Rican man said, “Sarita I hell you!” “Sarita, do you trust me?” He ziplined out to me and brought me back to the platform. We are all on the zipline of life. There are many planks to jump off along the way and God is saying, “trust me! Jump, and rest in me.” I expected God brought me here to serve others. He did but I found I needed to learn it’s ok to let others help me. Who knew God could teach you from a zipline…

Sara T