God’s Creation

I decided to do a creation devotion while I was here in Costa Rica, for all the tias and kids, and teammates. While I had planned the whole thing weeks in advanced, I believe God really wanted to show me his beauty first hand. God knows what I needed to see, he knows my heart, and I’m so grateful he does. When we took off from the airport in Chicago, and we saw all the lights, I really got to see how amazing Gods power is. Millions of people live in Chicago, and God knows all their thoughts, he knew them before they were born. Has great plans for everyone of them, when you just sit there and think on that thought, it really does blow your mind. Then we left Houston for Costa Rica, while we were over the oceans, I thought about the third day of creation and how God created the seas, they really are majestic. I saw islands and lagoons all over the place, and the water was so clear. God was so precise in the details he created, that he declared it all perfect when he was finished. The next really amazing thing i saw was a volcano when we got an hour out from getting to San Jose. It wasn’t spewing ash or anything but it was clearly a cinder cone volcano. That was a great experience you don’t have every day in the states. The country of Costa Rica is full of extraordinary animals, from monkeys, to big hairy spiders. Another thing I really noticed is that it is very hilly. Their are hills everywhere you go, and it is a blast driving in a car through them. Some of the trees we saw while we were zip lining I’m pretty sure were 12 to 15 feet in diameter. Thats way bigger then anything I have ever encountered, and it definetly gave me a better visual on John 15 and the True Vine. God is a glorious God, and I thank him for all the opportunities he has given me this week to see him as a Creator. ┬áIf you want to see all these magnificent things, well I guess you will just have to be on the next trip.