God moves


Day 2

Today was our first full day of work and we were fully immersed in painting and kids. The day however started amazing, and prepared us fully to trust in God and trust in and rely on one another. Our devo team did an amazing job with scripture and devotions talking about trust. They ended our time in the Rancho doing trust falls. What an awesome illustration on trusting one another.

We were so busy with kids all afternoon that there was little time to think about much else. The flu is going through all the homes here and it’s coming from both ends. We could use big prayers that it doesn’t spread to any of the other children or Tia’s, and also that our team stays healthy.

Tonight we were blessed with a visit from Helen one of the directors here at HDV. I’ve heard her testimony 3 times now, and each time it’s been like I’ve heard it for the first time and it rocks me to the core. If ever you’ve thought that there is something you’ve done that God cannot forgive you for, her story proves otherwise. Our God is a God of redemption and healing and restored relationship.

Tonight was also a night when the Holy Spirit moved with great power through our group. Helen prays prophetically and prays over each team member in ways that blow your mind. As a leader one of my favorite things is to watch God move through our team. Like other times I’ve had the privilege to be blessed by her prayers she tends to leave people speechless and awed by the power of the Holy Spirit that moves through her, tonight was no exception.

I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings as we serve the staff and children here and as God speaks to our hearts in every part of it. Please pray that we would all have our eyes, ears, and hearts wide open and expectant so that we don’t miss a thing!

Lisa G