Early morning update


Hi, this is Heather, one of the team leaders. I just wanted to apologize for the lack of blogs on here. Lakeland has a special relationship with Hogar De Vida and we get to do things most teams don’t, like giving the tias a break. Unfortunately, that means our time is busy. Since we have been here, we have let them have trainings and parties, plus done our other projects. Most days we have gotten up by 6am and are in bed by 9pm, with very little down time. Yesterday, was our first full siesta and most people used it to sleep. Also, I have the computer and was unfortunately sick the last day and a half from over heating, so the lack of pictures and blog.

Some of the projects we have been working on are painting and decorating the walls in the older kids rooms, painting bookshelves and tables, doing projects at some of the staffs houses, and helping the tias.

We have also listened to Helen, Kris, Tim and Dena’s testimonies. Some of them prayed some powerful prayers over us. Some of them brought us to tears (even those of us that have heard their stories before). We experienced Costa Rican church, with dancers up front and where you greet everyone in the church. David even got to play his bongo with the band.

It has been a privilege leading this team. We are the biggest team with 22 people, but there is so much joy and laughter going on. I have seen people who struggled so much with leaving home and coming here that are sad thinking about leaving. I have witnessed every comfort zone being stretched (today will be the real test with the zipline). I am also proud of the individual teams we assigned before coming to set up our devo time, kids projects, and other things and the awesome job they have done.

Today is our fun day, we get to go to Jaco beach and ziplining. It will still be a long day. Everyone should start waking up soon, because we are leaving early so we can have breakfast there. On the way we get to stop and see the crocodiles. Hopefully someone will be awake enough to post on here tonight.