Hola Lakeland, your Amiga Karina here to tell you about my day.

I woke up to the sound of a rooster this morning. Anticipation pushing me out of my bed by 5:00 ready to do the Lords work. Every morning we have free time until breakfast. I’ve been making the most of those couple hours, sun rise yoga, journaling, bible reading, meditating on Gods word and walking the grounds.

After breakfast everyone broke up into there groups to get our projects done. I was assigned to the big house again today (kids 4-8) to do cleaning projects. Amazingly Tim taught me how to wash windows Tico style and we shared our testimonies with each other. We even helped fold laundry (I’m pretty positive she refolded it all when we walked away…) Even our job assignments here wether they be rocking babies, chasing toddlers or using a mix of bad Spanish/sign language with the Tia’s, painting rooms and climbing a swaying radio tower (David!!) to minister to each of our hearts.

Lunch came quickly. Beans, rice, tilapia, fresh squeezed star fruit juice and melon juice. I could eat beans and rice everyday here. Today the cook had her work cut out for her. The power was out for most of the morning due to a downed tree and it was still better than anything I could make back home.

We were pleasantly surprised with a trip to Atenas local grocery store to buy our new favorite treats to bring home. It was fun to wander the aisles, laughing, talking and just enjoying the differences of this culture.

When we returned to Hogar De Vida the remainder of the afternoon was spent in the Rancho playing with all of the children. It was great to see the children enjoying the bubble wrap, bubbles, chalk and parachute we brought. I think everyone is going to sleep well tonight!

After dinner we enjoyed a testimony, prayer and maybe a few cookies. I am excited to see what tomorrow has in store.

When God placed a missions trip on my heart I didn’t know what to expect. As the trip got closer and closer I was pressed with the feeling of letting go, releasing all my expectations to my Savior. So my prayer has been for the Lord to open up the eyes of my heart….

Bueno Noches


PS The pictures are not downloading tonight, so we will try again tomorrow.