The Majestic Bessie and Buck the Truck.

Some alarms rang about 12:30 am. Most did not sleep well and no one rested over 4 hours. The team was at church by 1:15 am loading two vans and off to O’Hare. We arrived to check in by 3 am, though time consuming, all went very smooth.  No time to rest as we boarded at 4:50 and took off for Miami at 5:25am!

Miami’s flight was full and many of our carry on luggage became checked
bags as we boarded the plane. By 10:50, we were on our way to Guatemala City. Our flights were smooth and many found a chance to rest. The view over this county was magnificent! Even a breathtaking view ofa volcano in Antigua, Guatemala. We felt the plane sway with mountainous terrain and it was far from a smooth landing. We came in HOT! But these views, though.

Customs took about an hour and a half not because of any issues but a very busy airport. Dena  was there with open arms greeted with warm hugs along with her hired drivers, David and Eric. At 3:30 pm, we loaded up quickly and ready for our excursion!

Meet the Majestic Bessie and Buck the Truck. These vehicles go through quite the adventures on the roads. Used and abused. But our drivers were AMAZING!

Traffic in Guatemala City is unlike anything we ever experienced. The lanes were tight, cars passed each other with inches in between, lots of beeping was used to communicate, but the drivers were very patient. After two hours we stopped for gas and our first shopping experience for snacks.

Exhaustion was setting in as we hopped back into Buck and Bessie for an anything but straight ride up the mountains! Two more hours, now 7 pm, when we finally arrived in Quiche, Guatemala for a delicious dinner at Pollo Campero.

No one on the team is sure how to put into words the last 22 miles of our travel. 11 of these miles was a dirt road filled with potholes and ruts due to erosion and constant flooding. A few of the men had to bail Bessie out as the front end got stuck in the crevices of the “road”.  It was definitely an interesting and fun adventure.

We arrived to Hogar de Vida about 10:15pm to unload Buck the Truck as quick as possible, receive a brief tour and called it a day. FINALLY.

We are officially the FIRST team from Wisconsin! -Team G