Josefa. A sweet 10 year old girl who is forever part of the Hogar family. After several years here, as of this spring, she no longer lives here but with her sister in the mountains. They live in a home with dirt floors, a very small kitchen and two bedrooms for this family of 7. There needs aren’t always met so they were grateful for our visit as we provided a large food basket and baby formula.

View on way to Chicoxop

Though our travels were far from easy to get there, we knew the blessings they received were well worth it. We all rode in the back of a pick up truck (Buck) or in the large van (Bessie) then hiked 20 minutes up the mountains to get to the aldea (village) of Chicoxop.

Dirt path leading up the mountain to Josefa’s family’s home.

Oralia ready to make the hike with the food for the family.

During our visit, we were able to interact with the family, make crafts with the kids about our thanksgivings, and prayer over their provisions and home. Josefa and her family love Jesus. And that aldea will be lit on fire for Him because of them.

Their home.

The kitchen.

A bedroom.

Working on cereal necklaces. The family brought out their “bed” for us to sit on during our crafts and prayer time.

Our finished craft on gratefulness with the whole family.

The afternoon was spent with the children of Hogar. We worked more on our paper mache volcano, painted with the younger children and tie dyed market bags for the older girls and women on staff.

The staff and older girls working on tie dying their shopping bags.

Then all of Hogar (staff, children and us) gathered back into the vehicles for a little soccer competition at the local community center. It was a beautiful covered dual stadium with turf! The Americans put up a good fight to the Guatemalans! The men have impressive soccer skills as we were left huffing and puffing for our breaths!

Lakeland’s USA soccer team.

A little soccer tournament: Hogar de Vida vs the Gringos.


After dinner, we were lucky enough to hear the testimonies of Sebastian and Oralia, Hogar’s Directors.  They sure make an amazing husband and wife team to be leading these children! Sebastian talked about how humbled he was to be around “such warriors” and he could sense the Holy Spirit with us. We feel the same about them.

After the day, we’ve had we are all going to bed feeling humbled, abundantly blessed and overwhelmed with God’s love.


-Team G