John 1:5

Our team woke up grateful to receive rest. Day of the Dead is on November 1st, however, it is celebrated ALL MONTH LONG here. So music, parties, and singing last well into the night (like 4 am!). Including homemade firecrackers set off at any given time throughout the day that sound much like cannon fires and VERY CLOSE to us! The children explained to us that dancing along to the village’s music is not acceptable as they know they are worshipping an ancient Mayan idol, St. Simon. We asked some of the younger kids why the “booms” were going off during the day and they didn’t want to say as they knew these celebrations weren’t of the Lord. This celebration happens just outside the walls of Hogar, needless to say, we are grateful for ear plugs!

Alter in village center of Mayan idol.

After breakfast, most of our team walked off property a few blocks to the “transition home” for 4 young adult boys of Hogar de Vida. We are painting the walls of the courtyard there. Andy, a 10 year old boy, got to join our painting crew this morning. He was a very hard worker and so enthusiastic to paint along side our team. That one on one time means “you are important to me” and for some of the children this feeling is new to them. His joy didn’t need a translator!

Carmen, Karina, and Bobbie stayed at Hogar to do crafts with all the children and boy, did they keep them busy! They made their own fizzling sidewalk paint to add color to the paper mache volcano that Sonja made with the kids yesterday.

As the day unfolded, the team was asked by the Directors to pray for Hogar de Vida while we are here.  Some team members were looking forward to going back to their work projects but once we were all pulled out of our comfort zones we were reminded of what Dena taught us yesterday; success is obeying Jesus. It is not seen. It is not about building something, painting walls or completing a project. We may not visually see a change during our time here but the people of Hogar de Vida will feel our love and support. Individual time, in play or prayer, is life giving to the staff and children!

After lunch, Sebastian lead us around the property of Hogar de Vida to the areas to be prayed over.  We knew it would be praying over Hogar and the transitional home for men in town.  Dena requested that we start with the vehicles, praying protection over them.  Sebastian lead us around to cover the entire property inside, outside, and we were even welcomed into the neighbors property as it connected to Hogar.  Our team did not have a lot of experience in anointing homes and claiming property for the purpose of Jesus’ Kingdom.  In the beginning, we were shy.  As time went on the prayers became more powerful and the team members were clearly learning how to express their authority in Christ Jesus.  As we speak the village is celebrating spirits of darkness.  Because of this, we claimed the Hogar and the men’s home as a place where the light of Jesus is shining, and there is no room for darkness.

To close out this fulfilling day, Dena asked us: “Where did you see God today?”…. He was present in the laughter, simple moments of coloring, and hugs from the children.

God ordains simple moments and uses them in amazing ways.

Though these were AMAZING moments we will cherish, we know that there was not a moment that He isn’t present in our lives and that we will carry with us back home.


-Team G