Faith Over Fear.

We all want the most out of life, but few of us know how to get it. One thing we do realize, however, is that to get the most out of life, we must be willing to make some changes. Yet so many of us are afraid of the outcome. Change, after all, means replacing one thing with another.

Fear of an undesirable outcome or fear of failure can immobilize us to the point that we lose all opportunity to grow and to experience the fullness of life.

We are not declaring that we will never be faced with the opportunity to fear, but that when we are approached by fear, we turn to God, trust Him because He is for us.

Yesterday, there were some who experienced fear over travel- with the airlines, in a new country, of the unknown, with motion sickness and a dirt road that didn’t make sense. But in time of fear, we choose faith.  Each time David faced the giant called “fear”, he chose faith in God and obtained the victory over each situation.

We are living in a time where “fear” has grasped the hearts and minds of many people. Fear of the future, fear of the economy, fear of tomorrow, fear of sickness, fear of other people’s opinion, fear of financial hardships, fear of the past, fear about what the world will be in the coming years for our children; fear, fear, fear. The Lord patiently reminds this team that He loves us and will take care of the fears if we will simply obey Him and have more faith than fear.

Today was a day that we all turned our fears into freedom by speaking the Word of God over every situation or circumstances that tried to paint fear as the picture we are suppose to view; instead of faith in His promises. He is faithful and true, and what He has promised; that will He do.

Psalm 56:3-In the day when I am afraid,  I will trust in You.

We tell the Lord “THANK YOU”. Our Faith in the Word has destroyed Fear. We are in Guatemala and soaking in the beauty surrounding Hogar De Vida. Safe and sound with expectant hearts…

-Team G