We are in denial. No one wants to admit that it is our last day here with the staff and children. We have worked diligently to focus on and finish what we came to accomplish. Some painted. Some stained the closets. Some spent time with the children. In between these tasks, most snuck away for several separate visits to a local seamstress. On request the women there can sew custom tops, skirts or aprons in just a few hours of time. I think we made her week when she had already sold 9 aprons to our team by 10 am!

Beautiful traditional aprons worn by all women here.

These girls made treats for the staff today.

Finished “closets” for the young men’s home.

Another AMAZING lunch was served. We can’t even tell you what great cooks Santiago and Blanca are, and they are both teenagers! They have cooked all of our lunches here this week and we are extremely grateful for their talent in the kitchen! After our lunch and devotional, we were able to pray over the directors of Hogar and then headed onto the streets for some shopping. Once again, we went to the same shop for 7 more aprons! They made all of them just this afternoon to replenish their stock from our morning shopping spree. Oops!

Sassy shopper!

Our team was able to make the last meal today. It was a task to cook for over 50 people! Dinner was as one large family tonight- our team, all the children and all the staff ate at one LONG table! We had a great time preparing and serving for them one last time.

Cooking team.

Dinner together as we said goodbye.

Everyone stayed on the team side tonight. Bobbie was able to celebrate her birthday her today and she said “there is no better place to be today!” After dinner, we surprised her with a cake, gifts and singing! Oh, and the best part? The Guatemalan tradition is to smash the birthday person’s face into their cake!!! HA!

Her 2-layered birthday cake (Boston Creme Pie!)

Singing to her in TWO languages! Fun day!

The joy of smashing her face in the cake!

Team debriefing was set around a campfire. We all sat tight in a circle. We spoke of love. Cried tears of joy and sorrow. It’s unbelievable the connections we made in only a week’s time. We shared how grateful our hearts are, how filled with the Spirit we are and how broken our hearts are to be leaving. No matter how far away we may be, we will always be brothers and sisters in Christ.

Until next time, Hogar de Vida- Guatemala!

-Team G