Choose Love

I feel confident speaking for our team to say that none of us could have anticipated how amazing our first full day has been here.  It has been reiterated over and over if we let go and accept Christ chose us, we have endless love.  So often even when we ‘say out loud’ how much we are loved we struggle with accepting what that love truly means.

Hogar De Vida is filled with love; His love.

There is a deep connection that has taken place with the children and the staff even though communication can be challenging for our team at times.  These children come from many different circumstances; some none of us can even fathom.  It would be justified for them to have many struggling emotions; an emotional age very different than their physical age.  Instead, their faith and love for Jesus flows over.  They taught us today. During circle time, the appreciation that the kids listed were about life, for today, for being in this place and for us being here.  It shows that they truly understand God’s love and grace.  Tim and Dena, as well as, the Directors, Sebastian and Oralia, make sure each and every one of these children know how much they are loved. By the staff and by Jesus!

Today was filled with projects, generous donations, laughs, prayer, tears, testimonies, amazing food, making new friends, culture and so much love.

Cereal Necklace crafts with the school aged children.

 Carmen drawing hopscotch to play with the little ones.

Bill and the youngest.

Bead jewelry making with the teen girls.


Today exceeded any possible expectations.

Love, Team G

Ephesians 1:4 just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love.