Feliz Cumpleaños – 10/23/18


It’s Oralia’s BIRTHDAY!!! That meant we were all greeted with 6 am fireworks! After breakfast and devotions, the projects continued…

Most people rotated what project they were working on so many got to try new things. Many jobs are being checked off our list! Some kids had physical therapy appointments today which provided one on one time for the kids that stayed on site. The babies are doing much better after rest and medications.

We threw a birthday party for Oralia, so many of us helped decorate our team space, baked a cake, and hosted her birthday luncheon.  She was VERY surprised by our efforts. Our team showered her with gifts. She was then lovingly sprayed with silly string by her boys, husband and a few children. They all laughed so hard! Laughter has been such good medicine here for everyone.

After lunch, our team rested and some went off to trek a mountain top with Lita, a staff member. She left them in the dust, even in a skirt and sandals!! The hike left us gasping for breath but the view took is what actually took our breath away! The picture God painted for us can’t be described in words.

There is a cross on top of the first mountain peak and this was the view we were blessed with.