Day 8 – Friday Blog!

Time Flies and It Is Time to Fly

Wow! What an incredible week it has been! Each of the team members has encountered God in new ways this week through serving the children, tias, and staff at Hogar de Vida; through our own personal quiet times with the Lord; through coming alongside and encouraging team members; through testimonies shared by the staff at Hogar de Vida; through seeing another part of God’s creation during our time at the beach and zip lining in Jaco.

Our final moments here included a trip to the market to get last minute goodies to bring home and team debrief time. It is always good to hear how others are processing their experience here and how we can be praying for one another as we head home.

The days were long, but they had a manageable rhythm to them. Siesta! A time of rest in the middle of the day…something we do not practice in our hurried American culture. There are many impressive parts to the ministry at Hogar de Vida, but one that stands out is their ability to care well for the short-term teams that come to serve by anticipating their needs. A big thank you goes out to Matt Gnuse, Helen Smith, and the rest of the team here for the love they extended to us.

We have seen God’s beauty in many things, including brokenness. We have seen victory in places where the devil had a strong hold. We have seen transformation in the context of a Christian community. We have seen love and trust because of the redemptive power of Christ. We have seen tears and heard laughter. Faces of children longing for their ‘heart family’ are impressed on our minds. We already give thanks for the provision of those families who will welcome these children either back into their homes or into their homes for the first time.

As a team, we have fasted from social media and communication with our friends and family so we can be fully engaged and present during our time in Costa Rica. Not a day went by that we did not think of our family and friends who have supported us through our Costa Rica journey. We are eager to share our experiences and what we have learned. Please be patient with us as we process and try to find the words to do this trip justice. Speaking from experience, it can take awhile to readjust to our normal daily rhythms and the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holidays may delay some of the post-trip processing.

As we are flying home, we are excited to return to our family and friends. We are in a bit of denial that our time in Costa Rica has come to an end. We are incredibly thankful to all of you who have made this opportunity possible and covered us in prayers. We are humbled by what God has done at Hogar de Vida and in our personal lives. While our time in Costa Rica has finished, we take our experiences home with us. We trust that the work God did in each of us during our time there will continue to impact our daily living. To God be the glory!

On the adventure of faith…Britt