Day 7 – Chu chu ua. Chu chu ua. Chu chu ua, ua, ua…It’s Kelsey’s Time!

What up y’all?!?! They chose me to type the blog today!! Ain’t that epic?!?!

At first I was very nervous/excited to come to Costa Rica but I am actually having so much fun! So on the first day, I decided to go down to the river with Mackenzie and dad. I never thought that the rocks would be slippery down there! So yeah, um. . . I fell in!! So on Mackenzies and my bucket list it said go and get apretados (Costa Rican popsicles in a bag), so we went and got them everyday!! I think I was playing the annoying neighbor role but they were soooooooooo good!

And guess what…. Their music here is so much fun! We sang the songs when we were having all together in the rancho or during devo time. We sang some songs called…“Chu Chu Ua”, “Amar A Dios”, and “Eso Es Uno Fiesta”.  I memorized their dance moves when the Tias played the songs! They even motioned me to come help lead the songs with them on Tuesday night! I love their songs so much, that they got stuck in my head the whole time. I sang them out so often that I got the songs stuck in the team members’ heads, and they started singing them too!

On Tuesday, We let the Tias take a day off and go on a retreat.  So I hung out with the kids in House #2. They were all around 3-4 years old. There was so much energy, I have to hand it to the tias because I was out of energy by the time lunch came around. One of my favorite activities was playing on the playground.  I had to be in the vertical tunnels to lift the younger kids up so they could go down the slide. My arms got so tired but it was so worth it. Their smiles just kept me going. Later that day we got the trikes out and many kids started riding down the hill on the sidewalk racing each other!! All the houses and all of our team were there and I just loved how we were having fun together with all age groups.

Today is our ocean day and zip-lining day! I’m not afraid of heights so it was amazing. I love it when your stomach drops when you drop!! Then later today we went down to the ocean. Guess what. . . I got to baptize Mackenzie!!! I feel like a proud mother!

Spreading JOY across the whole world,

Kelsey Amstutz

Greetings from Costa Rica Day 7!

Today, as our adventure continues, we headed out to Jaco Beach, where we had a great time experiencing and supporting Costa Rica’s tourism industry.  We spent the morning on a zipline canopy tour of the rainforest.  I (Jake) for one had a great time, but I can now check it off my bucket list. It was fun to see everyone’s reactions to the experience of driving a tractor up mountain and taking 10 ziplines down! It was a great team building exercise in encouraging one another.  We kept ziplining on throughout the rainforest and when we finally got to the bottom, we all felt pretty cool for having conquered it!

After that we made our way to the beach! We had lunch at a hotel on the beach where we got to view the Pacific Ocean as we ate.  What a view! We also had some fun guests with iguanas walking around our tables. After lunch, we went to the beach where we baptized Erin and Mackenzie!  It was such an amazing sight to see.  Erin went first, Mackenzie second as Erin helped to baptize her daughter.  A joyous noise was made that could be heard over the roar of the crashing waves.

After a refreshing swim in the ocean and hotel pool we made our way to the market in Jaco. It was fun to experience shopping in a new culture. Many enjoyed some ice cream treats from Pops.

We had another great meal at the hotel with a view of the sunset on the beach. Have we mentioned how wonderfully creative our God is with his creation!

The van rides today provided an opportunity for us to have conversations with one another reflecting on some of our experiences and deepening our relationships. It also provided a time for reflection as some sat quietly taking in the view. We all laughed at the iguana crossing signs…not a typical deer crossing sign we have in Wisconsin.

On the way back Pastor Josh had an adventure of his own driving our 15 passenger, manual transmission van back to Hogar de Vida. He did a great job! The van struggled a bit on one of the final big inclines and just stalled out with all of us in the van. We all hopped out and walked about a quarter of a mile up hill back to our van. What a fun memory to add to our adventure.

We all arrived back at Hogar de Vida safely. The rest of the evening has been spent packing and loading all of our coffee into our bags.

The campus has been quiet and everyone but your blogging team has been asleep for over an hour. 🙂

Your blogging team…Britt, Jake, and Jeff