Day 6 – Roamin’ with Robin McCabe

In my quiet time this morning, the Lord opened my eyes to see something after hearing Helen’s incredible testimony last night. He brought me to a verse she shared.

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. Matthew 22:21

But if you read before that, Jesus was hungry. He went up to a fig tree looking for fruit and couldn’t find any in that tree. He cursed the tree commanding it to never bear fruit again – where it withered immediately. It reminded me just how important our words are when we are living in the spirit of God – as He has given us, everyone of us, (when we accept Him as our Lord and Savior) HIS power and authority.

I’m reminded to pray over and ask God to breathe life into the words we use, the curses that have been spoken over us and the words we have spoken over others. The way God has placed an understanding about this in my head the last week has been absolutely mind boggling. His unconditional love is for!

This place has a peace about it. The tias have an unconditional love for each of the kids here. It was obvious to me the first day we got here. They don’t do this for a paycheck. The way they care for the kids, the words they speak, the smiles, hugs, kisses, and the positive attitudes even when a child isn’t listening to them….they care for each and every one of these kids as if they birthed the child themselves.

God has opened my eyes to see Him with a clearer lens. I am SO thankful for this time here. I enjoy loving on the children and tias, praying for them, for the opportunity to serve by painting house 5, and to start a new longer ‘norm’ of quiet time with Him. He continues to open my eyes to who He is more and more. I will love my husband, my children, family and friends, and anyone else that God puts in my path — as God has me in all of my mess.

Have a Yipy Day…Robin

Here we are…day 6. It is a warm one here in Atenas. The sun is shining and the humidity is high, but that did not deter our team from the work God had for us to do today. We all felt a sense of accomplishment as each of the three work teams completed their jobs. The IT crew finished the work on the cameras by installing battery back ups and surge protectors. Security cameras are ready to go live in Houses one and three. One paint crew finished the detailed paint job on the gates around House two. The second painting crew put the finishing touches on House five, which is the Intern House. Pastor Josh and Pam Patterson met with the administrative staff today offsite. This training session provided invaluable information for them as they continue to work together in managing this wonderful ministry.

Siesta time provided a time for showers, naps, and for some of us a trip down to the river at the back of the property. God’s beauty is seen at Hogar de Vida, not just in the people here, but in his creation. It’s not every day that you can walk to a canyon, past smiling children shouting, “Hola, amigos!”, and iguanas sunbathing in the grass…luckily, no poisonous snakes were spotted on this adventure.

The afternoon was spent with our new energetic little friends and their tias. We helped with some finger painting projects, sang songs, played with some new playground balls, and chased the ninos around the yard and playground. We have become familiar with the children and have learned some of their tendencies. The children start to recognize us and enjoy the one-on-one time with their new amigos. These kiddos (and their Lakeland family missionaries) loved all of the activities today. Some of the children took finger painting on small canvases to a whole new level and ended up with more paint in their faces and hair…lo siento, tias, for the extra baths needed tonight. 🙂

We ended the evening by laughing our way through Tim Stromstad’s testimony. Tim is a wonderful storyteller, who has knows how to drive home the lessons God has taught him. “Believeobey” was his word to us this evening. Yes, one word, that reminds us to pray, trust, and walk in obedience.

Now it’s off to bed before our fun-packed day tomorrow!

Fellow Adventurer…Britt