Day 5 – A Word From Edie’s Experience

One of the words that keeps coming to mind is “unity.” We have spent months as a team preparing for this trip, but once we stepped on the plane and made Hogar de Vida our home for the week we have shared a bond.

I have felt our team grow in unity through laughter and tears, through stories and shared experiences, etc. This unity has extended beyond our team as we joined the staff and tias here caring for the children. We share in the same mission and vision of providing protection, restoration, and formation in the lives of the children.

I have particularly been blessed by the moments where we can serve one another in everything from praying and supporting one another through struggles, moments of encouraging team members in challenging situations, to helping another team member with their daily responsibilities or laundry.

Both the small efforts and large ones have equally played a role in the unity we have experienced during this trip. All of these moments make me think of the following verse…Matthew 25:40  “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Together in His service in Costa Rica…Edie

Today we were given the privilege of partnering with the administrative staff to relieve the tias from their daily routine, so they could attend a local church sponsored retreat that was offered specifically for them.

This meant, everything the tias did, we did with great assistance from the administrative staff (office staff, maintenance, regular volunteers, and interns).  By everything we are talking 10 hours of entertainment for 35 kids, 10 hours of listening to their hearts and responding, 10 hours of keeping the children safe, fed, and happy.  Although they were a long, tiring 10 hours, we enjoyed it all.  In fact it felt refreshing to the soul.

Here’s what we did today- We had hours upon hours of pushing swings, assisting kids on the monkey bars, lifting kids up to the slides, dancing, laughing, and chasing them around 4 acres of their property. We helped with snacks and lunch, snuggled kids before and after naps, played with a parachute and new playground balls, and did crafts. We finished our time with them by pushing kids up and down the hilly sidewalks in their “big wheels.” Partnering with the staff to allow the tias a day off was a very tangible way of caring for them, but partnering with them in prayer was another experience all together.

Everyone of us prayed in the spaces we were assigned to for the day. A few of us had an opportunity to go and pray in all the buildings and lay hands on the walls of each place. We prayed for safety and protection of the children and tias, for good health, for healing from physical and extreme emotional traumas, and one of the most popular prayer requests was for each child to “cross the bridge to their heart families.” There is a true desire for the children to find a safe, forever home with either their biological families or new families. What a powerful experience this was.

Please join us in prayer for these children as God prepares their hearts for life after their time here at Hogar de Vida. Pray for the staff and tias as they walk this journey with these precious children. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these kids and the kids have an overabundance of love for them. God is in this place. He has provided a place of protection where restoration and formation can occur in each individual child.

All in all it was an amazing day, capped off by Helen’s testimony that was a privilege to hear.   And with that we bid you goodnight.  Thank you for your prayers, they are heard, they are felt.

-Jake and Britt