Day 4 – Toddlin’ Tom Federer!

‘Taco Tom’ sends greetings from Hogar de Vida!

I have found Hogar de Vida as a place that demonstrates God’s genuine love in many places.  What a privilege to be here serving the Lord and Hogar!

One of the prevailing areas God’s love can be seen is in the interactions between the tias and the children. Most of my time has been in house number three with the youngest of children here which are mostly 3 years old and younger.

Love, smile, and hugs have been a way of expressing love that did not need to be translated. I enjoyed assisting the tias (aunties or house moms) with the toddlers on the slides. There is a lot of energy in that house, but I saw the tias patiently care for each of the kids.

What an amazing experience for my first short term mission trip!

-Tom with the Toddlers

Today, Monday, marked the halfway point of our trip! We have settled into a good rhythm, but find ourselves often saying, “Blessed are the flexible.” While it is nice to have an agenda for the day, it requires a bit of flexibility to adapt to the last minute changes.

After another yummy breakfast lovingly prepared by part of our team, we headed down to the rancho (the heart of the campus where the children from all houses can gather in one place) for morning devotions. Tom and Cherie both shared their heartfelt testimonies, which drew most of us to tears because of the way God has demonstrated his loving faithfulness in their lives. God immediately used their stories to minister to the staff here.

God used our work projects of painting and wiring for security cameras to help us work on patiences and sticktoitiveness. Those assigned to painting the interns home were able to complete their project! Way to go, team! We will have another opportunity to finish the other projects later this week.

This afternoon we spent time in the homes with the children, who we will be with all day tomorrow while the tias are on a one day retreat with Josh and Pam. Today we were able to get a better glimpse of the challenges the tias face while caring for these very energetic children. I think it is a tie who has more energy…all the children or the tias who are caring for them. You’ll have to come to decide for yourselves.

The Gnuse family made us chicken chili tonight with all the toppings. We enjoy sharing our dinners with them to learn more about their lives here in Costa Rica.

Dena Stromstad, co-founder of Hogar de Vida, shared her testimony with our team tonight. She shared about the different seasons the Lord has brought her through, even some of the most recent seasons, with such conviction of the Lord’s faithfulness. God has used her willing spirit to take her on an amazing adventure of faith.

Fellow Adventurer, Britt