Day 2 With Teresa Cooper!

What an amazingly beautiful place Hogar de Vida is!  The keyword for this experience and this place is…beautiful.  From where these kids came from to now the safe, healing, and spiritual beauty they are embraced in at Hogar is amazing! This opportunity to be here and experience first hand the genuine love the staff gives to these children is beyond beautiful. We are enjoying working together as a team, meeting their needs such as painting houses, fences, and electrical work for security cameras.

How beautiful it is to just love and serve those who devoted their lives to doing the same to others. We love seeing all of the creepy, crawly creatures here that are beautiful in their own way. Projects with the kiddos included building firetrucks, dancing, and coloring. Let me just say LOVE needs no language. For instance, once the kiddos warmed up to us and saw us as amigos- the fun, smiles, hugs, and bonding took off even though there is a language barrier, which can be difficult at times. THAT is the most beautiful of it all. PURA AMORE.

Over and out…Teresa!

Saturday!  Our first full day at Hogar de Vida!

Today we started the work projects, 12 of us painted, 4 of us struggled through attaching ethernet ends to cables that will provide power and internet to the security camera.

After an amazing lunch we got our first taste of the joy that wells up from the wellspring of the children’s hearts.  If you were frustrated and down because of the early morning electrical struggles, your heart was lifted by the smiles of children at play.

Our project for the day was building Lowe’s Build and Grow Fire trucks, donated by Lowe’s stores in Wisconsin, collected at Lowe’s in Delavan.  The kids loved it, and Matt Gnuse said that it was a great break from the “norm” in that this type of project had never been offered before to the kids.

So we split up into 3 groups, 1 group to help with fire trucks, and the other two teams split off into the other two houses. The reasons for this were two-fold, first the fire trucks were for ages five and up, and the second is that it was raining, so the younger ones stayed in their houses instead of coming to the Rancho in the rain.

And just so you know “Let it Go” is just as popular in Spanish as it is in english.  We had a fun time dancing with the 5 and up group.  What a joy to see kids dancing, singing, and twirling around the rancho.  An added bonus was to see Cheri Scholten do a cartwheel with the kids!  (Ask her to do one next time you see her at church!)

After that we had another great meal provided by Matt and his family who have been so generous with their time and resources with us above and beyond their everyday duties for running Hogar de Vida.

At the end of the night we got the privilege of hearing Matt’s testimony, how he came to know the Lord, how he came to Hogar, and where he is now as this year has been one of great challenges.  Such an amazing testimony to the Voice of God and being open to hearing it.

After such an amazing day we all went to bed, refreshed, uplifted, and ready for Sunday’s adventures to begin.

Jake Bark…your team blogger for today!