Communication in every form – 11/1/18

Today is our last full day at Hogar de Vida; tomorrow morning we head back to Guatemala City.
We spent the morning finishing up a few work projects.  A few of us also did some deep cleaning around the kitchen and our living quarters.
John used his expertise and taught a tooth brushing and flossing lesson to the kids and some of the staff at Hogar de Vida. He was able to teach them a lot and sign off as a professional visit with the on site social worker. Grateful that even these important life skills can be instilled and translated.
John teaching about dental and oral hygiene.
Before we sat down for lunch, the on-site directors, Sebastian and Oralia, shared their testimonies with our team.  Their grateful hearts for what God has done in their lives, their passion for serving the Lord, and their incredible faith was inspiring to all of us.
After lunch we visited a family that lives way up in the mountain.  We drove as far as we could (about 15 minutes), and then hiked from there (about 25 minutes).  Hogar de Vida brings food packages to some families every couple of weeks.  This time we got to go with to deliver the food.  We met a mom/grandma caring for 10 kids.  We are all very humbled by how little they live on and how hard they work, yet how happy they are. You could see it in their eyes.  We brought some gifts and candy for the kids, as well as food for the family.  We also brought toothbrushes and toothpaste for each of them as well.  John watched like a proud father as Sebastian now taught about how to brush and floss.  We asked them if we could pray with them and they were glad to receive prayer. Our prayers were lifted up in English, translated by Dena to Spanish for Sebastian to then speak truth to the family in K’iché. So amazing to witness language barriers being broken! Before we left, Sebastian told them the good news about Jesus Christ.  He told us that many of the Quiche families have some catholic beliefs mixed with pagan/Mayan traditions – so they are religious, but don’t often know about a relationship with God through Jesus.
The 2 weeks of food we delivered to them.
“Living Room”
The breath taking view from their home.
For our last night at Hogar de Vida, we had a bonfire with the kids and staff.  This was a lot of fun.  We sang songs together, enjoyed s’mores, played a couple games (telephone in 2 languages!), and then took time to thank one another.  We were blown away by how much the staff of Hogar de Vida noticed and appreciated what we were able to do and bring.  In our minds, we did so little in just one week, but they were so grateful.  The moment of the night fo many was when Jose, a 7 yr old boy, who lives at Hogar de Vida, made a grateful and genuine mini-speech thanking us for specific things – it was so touching.  Saying our goodbyes without words were felt by many with one look, tears, laughter and lingering embraces.
Now, we’re busy packing bags late into the night so we can leave early in the morning.  Everyone is sad to leave such a wonderful place where we’ve experienced God in so many ways.