Christmas – 10/19/18

  After many calls, long conversations and learning new words in Spanish, the final 24 members of our team arrived in the back of a pickup.  American air lines delivered the remainder of our bags. There was much rejoicing at their arrival followed by “Christmas” in the storage room as we unpacked the bags
and organized all the items into their proper places.  

  The projects have started.  Babies are being loved by each of us in our own way.  The to follow the culture, the men are not allowed to change diapers or give baths so the ladies get the blessing of having this closepersonal time with the bambinos.  Tonight also starts the first round of Lakeland Ladies getting to care for the babies through the night.  This is a strategically chosen group of care givers who will get little to no sleep tonight and will not be far from the industrial sized vessel of dark roasted Guatemalan goodness at breakfast.

 Saw dust is also flying in the workshop as we prepare to install new shelving to

hold the massive amount of supplies that you reading this have provided.  During the work, new skills and passions are beginning to surface.  Hands new and experienced to power tools came together to prepare the material for tomorrow’s phase of the project.


  A few of the little boys in the home watched in amazement as an old motor cycle came to life.  Holding tools they had no idea how to use, the boys sat waiting to hand them to Bud the moment heneeded them.  In between the moments they anxiously awaited the call, they were sitting on the seat, racing the bike in their mind.  Complete with noises and dramatic turns.  The pinnacle of the experience came when the engine started and the roar rushed out of the muffler, filling their excited ears.

   We are still adjusting tothe slower pace of the culture as projects didn’t get started until after lunch because God had some other plans.  Dena had the staff of Hogar De Vida sit in a circle for us to pray for them.  We learned that Sebastian, director of the home, is in serious need of corrective surgery along with a need for additional staff to care for the growing number of kids coming into the home.

  Please be in prayer for us as we head out of town to a church in an outlying community.  We are going there to encourage the adults, play with the kids and continue to develop the relationship Hogar has with the community.

Stay tuned for the next adventure on “Lakeland goes to Hogar De Vida”!