Blessings – 10/18/18

Our cup has runneth over all day today…it has been a day filled with many blessings. Our team set forth early this morning when we started our day packing the bus and beginning our journey to Hogar de Vida. The bus was a bumpy adventure, but we were in good hands with our bus driver and assistant, who safely brought us through dangerous switchbacks. This allowed us to peer out the windows and marvel at the beautiful landscape and culture.

After about 6.5 hours of travel, we arrived at the doors of Hogar de Vida where we were enthusiastically greeted and accepted by the staff and children. Looking into the eyes of those who we had been praying for since May was incredible. God definitely had readied their hearts for our arrival.  Once we unpacked, we had a delicious lunch before getting the opportunity to interact with the children and staff. We were made to feel very special, especially when the staff shared who had been praying for on our team.

It amazed us how quickly we were trusted with the children, as we were able to take them on a walk through the streets near Hogar de Vida to pick up bread for dinner.  It was a blessing to be able to team up with the school-aged children and contribute to our dinner. We ended our night with a “family” dinner, which included our team and the staff, babies, and children of Hogar de Vida. 


The final blessing of our night was to listen Tim’s testimony and learn what “Believeobey” (John 3:36) meant and how it may touch our hearts throughout this trip. Please continue to pray for the arrival of our luggage, and praise God for all of the blessings we have already received.