Agua Caliente – 10/20/18

Last night the Lakeland Ladies began a rotation of staying overnight with the babies – feeding, bathing, and being on call as third shift staff- so that the Hogar staff can get some rest.  

The day started bright and early with the roosters crowing and dogs barking at 4:30 am.

After breakfast, we road in the back of pick up trucks to a remote aldea called Agua Caliente (mountian village) about 30 minutes away. Traveling on narrow dirt roads with amazing views of the Guatemalan land and volcanos.

We received a warm welcome when we arrived at an outlying church. Here we exchanged messages in English, Spanish and Quiche Indian languages. The children of Hogar De Vida and our team each performed songs for the church members. We started “breaking the ice” by crafting salvation bracelets.  And then both children and adults were eagerly excited to learn and play the game of “musical chairs”; something they had never experienced.  We ended our visit in a prayer circle where we lifted up a concert of voices in all three languages. The church members they graciously gifted us bottles of soda as a thank you. 


Before our venture back to Hogar de Vida, we stopped at the base of a volcano in Agua Caliente. The natural hot springs emerges at temperatures to boil eggs! We enjoyed soaking our feet in the waters where the stream and the hot springs flowed together.


The rest of the day was filled with activities with the kids. Our team helped the older children paint canvas boards, make egg maracas for the babies, and played with the new bubble machine. All these activities were possible because of your generous donations. Pastor Erik thought the bubbles were especially tasty. Some team members also taught the kids how to play wiffle ball.







We ended the day discussing our highlights, worshiping and laughing together.  God is blessing us, using us, and growing us.