Weekend Resources

You are the most influential person in your child’s life, and we are committed to partnering with you to help raise your child to follow Jesus. This page exists to give you every possible resource to ignite a faith in your child that lasts! You’ll find Preschool and Elementary Service Videos, Activity Sheets, and other bonuses that can help you win between the weekends!


September 27  Digital Experience- 

September 27 Parent Toolkits- 

We know that teaching your preschooler about Jesus takes a lot of effort! But we also understand that Preschoolers have a dozen things competing for their attention at any given time. To help you out we’ve actually simplified everything you’ll need for an entire week of Jesus moments into our Parent Toolkits.

Each Parent Toolkit below will have a basic overview of each week’s lesson and how you can bring it into the week, a unique activity from the weekend for your family to do together, and a parent devotion moment to help you as you raise your preschooler to love and follow Jesus for life!

Just click any of the links below to download your copy.

Infant Monthly Guide

Toddler Monthly Guide

Preschool Parent Toolkit (September – Week 4)


September 27 Digital Experience –

September 27 Parent Toolkits – 

Each phase in elementary school brings a new challenge and a new opportunity for your kids to become who God has uniquely made them to be. They’re experiencing new things, discovering new opinions, and learning all the time! As a parent, it can feel hard to keep up.

We want to partner with you on your child’s spiritual journey by providing simple and exciting steps that can help your kids own and love their faith! That’s exactly what you’ll find in our Parent Toolkits below.

Each grade has a unique Parent Toolkit that will be updated every weekend with material designed to help your elementary student connect with God. Each week you’ll find a basic overview of the lesson and some ideas about how to bring that lesson into your week, you’ll find a set of devotionals specifically designed for your kid’s grade level, and a parent devotion moment to help you as you guide your child through these formative moments. All in one simple toolkit!

1st Grade Parent Toolkit (September – Week 4)

2nd-3rd Grade Parent Toolkit (September – Week 4)

4th-5th Grade Parent Toolkit (September – Week 4)