Weekend Resources

You are the most influential person in your child’s life, and we are committed to partnering with you to help raise your child to follow Jesus. This page exists to give you every possible resource to ignite a faith in your child that lasts! You’ll find Preschool and Elementary Service Videos, Activity Sheets, and other bonuses that can help you win between the weekends!


April 4 & 5 Service Video- 

April 4 & 5 Plans & Activity Sheets- 

We know that teaching your preschooler about Jesus takes a lot of effort! As well as several different activities to get the point across. So we’re providing your family with all kinds of options.

In each Service Guide you’ll find descriptions of activities that focus on playing, creating, exploring, and moving. Pick and chose which ones you think will work best for your family. We even encourage you to bring some activities into the rest of the week, beyond the weekend!

Just click any of the links below to download your copy.

Infant Service Guide

Toddler Service Guide

2 Year Old Service Guide

3-5 Year Old Service Guide


April 4 & 5 Service Video-

April 4 & 5 Plans & Activity Sheets- 

We wanted to give you the entire weekend experience delivered digitally. Below you’re going to find everything that our team uses on a weekly basis to show your Elementary students God’s love for them.

There’s more activities then even we can do in one hour on a weekend, so don’t feel the pressure to do them all. Pick and choose which ones you think will work best and try some different ones next time!

Elementary Week 1 Parent Cue

Elementary Week 1 God Time Devotionals

1st Grade Service Guide

2nd-3rd Grade Service Guide

4th-5th Grade Service Guide