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Lost Connection, Control, and Consistency

Wow. How quick have things been changing in your house? Do you remember mid-March when this Coronavirus really started? Most schools just adjusted to an extra or a longer Spring Break at first. Social distancing made sense, but it certainly wasn’t marked out in the aisles on the super market. For some of us, the […]

Standing Stones That Echo Generations

There’s been something on my mind recently and it’s honestly been a bit of a surprise. It’s no secret that there’s a lot to think about and stress over during this unique moment in history. Actually, if you want to pick up a quick tip about how to handle this unique stress CLICK HERE.   […]

Filling the Anxiety Gap

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I think it would be easy in this season to identify the things that are unknown. We’ve seen reports of what is happening in other places in the world and those questions explode into our mind. Will the same happen to us? Is our situation going […]

Normal, But Not Quite

Confession time! The night before the “Safer at Home’ order went into place my family and I went out for one last drive and ended up making a stop for ice cream. As we drove away with our to-go dishes, we decided to settle at the lakefront and enjoy a bit of a view while […]

Guiding Your Students Through Crisis & Anxiety

Students have their own intake of information, a need to connect with peers, and they’re keenly aware of time passing on their school year and adolescence. All of those things are combining right now to create a pressure cooker for a lot of teenagers. But we believe that’s a moment for you, as a parent, […]

Managing Fear and Anxiety In Children

Sometimes you just come across something that is too perfect to not share. For our NextGen department these conversation guides were one of those moments. They were written and published by The Phase Project, a relatively new organization focused on training and equipping parents to win through each phase of their child’s life. These guides […]

Who’s Been Here?

This whole COVID experience is something that none of us have ever experienced before. Nothing like it ever happened to us, our parents, and probably even our grandparents. We’re parenting our kids and leading our families into a territory that we simply don’t understand yet. So in the name of honesty, let’s just name it…this […]