Audio Messages

Beyond Blessed – Week 1

Out of the Quiet – Week 8

Out of the Quiet – Week 7

Out of the Quiet – Week 6

Out of the Quiet – Week 5

Out of the Quiet – Week 4

Out of the Quiet – Week 3

Out of the Quiet – Week 2

Out of the Quiet – Week 1

Then and Now – Week 3

Then and Now – Week 2

Then and Now – Week 1

Heroes – Week 9

Heroes – Week 8

Heroes – Week 7

Heroes – Week 6

Heroes – Week 5

Heroes – Week 4

Heroes – Week 3

Heroes – Week 2

Heroes – Week 1

Say What? – Week 8

Say What? – Week 7

Say What? – Week 6

Say What? – Week 5

Say What? – Week 4

Say What? – Week 3

Say What? – Week 2

Say What? – Easter Sunday

Good Friday

Ruth – Chapter 4

Ruth – Chapter 3

Ruth – Chapter 2

Ruth – Chapter 1

Master your Money- It’s about disciplines, it reveals your financial habits

Master your Money – It’s about trust, it reveals where your faith is placed

Master Your Money – It’s about the heart, it reveals what you love

Mistaken Identity – Hidden Mines of Identity

Mistaken Identity – Victor vs Victim

Mistaken Identity – Servant Leader vs. Lording Leader

Mistaken Identity – Adopted vs Orphaned

Mistaken Identity – Fruit vs. Flesh

Mistaken Identity – Faith vs Fear

Mistaken Identity – Prince vs Pauper

Mistaken Identity – Rule of the Inner Image

God’s Word in 2019

Rewriting Christmas – Peace

Rewriting Christmas- Generosity

Rewriting Christmas – Joy

Rewriting Christmas – Hope

Stumbling Toward Perfection – Peter

Stumbling Toward Perfection – Woman At The Well

The Calling – Exciting Adventure

The Calling – Excellent

The Calling – Simple

The Calling – Authentic Relationships

The Calling – Reaching

The Calling – Relevant: Jesus and the Word

The Calling- You Are a Called One

Hopping Off the Merry Go Round

Grand Opening Message – Leaving Legacies

Times They Are A Changin – Two Blind Men

Times They Are A Changin-Demon possessed man

At Just The Right Time-To Whom Shall We Turn

At Just the Right Time – The Return of Jesus

At Just the Right Time-The Love of God

At Just The Right Time-The Mountain Tops

At Just the Right Time-Peace

At Just the Right Time-Spiritual Parenting

Take the Lead-In Conflict

Take The Lead-Leaders remain calm when the storm approaches

Take the Lead-Developing Others

Take the Lead-Healthy Self

Devil Got Your Tongue-Shouting in Praise

Devil Got Your Tongue-We shout in Excitement

Devil Got Your Tongue-Shouting the Name of Jesus

Devil Got Your Tongue-The Lord Is Shouting

The Mark Of The Nail-Significance

Tim and Dena-Hogar De Vida

The Mark Of The Nail-Shame And Regret

Mark Of The Nail-Fear

Mark Of The Nail-Control

Good Friday 2018

First World Problems-Different Kinds of Trials

First World Problems-Right where you are

First World Problems-Acceptance

First World Problems-Discoveries in Danger

Disruptive Joy-In the Holy Spirit

Disruptive Joy-His Presence

Disruptive Joy-Joy in salvation

Disruptive Joy-His Word

Life Hacks-Ups and Downs

Life Hacks-Family and Mentors

Life Hacks – Relationships

Life Hacks-Spiritual Growth

No Serve Sunday

Christmas Eve Service

A Christmas Future

A Christmas Present

A Christmas Past

A Christmas Carol






Dr. Christopher Yuan Sunday Night Workshop



Taboo-The Word as Our Authority

Battleground- Doing the Word

Battleground-Speaking the Word

Battleground-Meditation of the Word

At the movies-Lion

At the movies-Schindler’s list

At the movies-Hidden Figures

At the movies-Fantastic beasts and where to find them

At the movies-Moana

At the movies-Lala Land

At the Movies- Pete’s Dragon

At the movies-Sully

Guest Speaker-Bob Thomas

Howevers of Your Heart

Breaking Bad- Familiarity Breeds Complacency

Breaking Bad- Kingdom of Sowing and Reaping

Breaking Bad- Kingdom Purpose

Breaking Bad- Kingdom for Every Tribe

Breaking Bad- Kingdom of Abundance

Breaking Bad- The Standard of Holiness

Breaking Bad- Kingdom of Family

Vision Huddle

Breaking Bad- More Than Conquerors

Breaking Bad- The Law of the Seesaw

Easter- The Cryptic Christ…Calling you Home

Good Friday 2017

Journey Through John- The Nature of Sheep

Journey Through John- Breaking Cultural Perspectives

Journey Through John- Who will hear?

Journey Through John- Faith Moves Heaven

Journey Through John- Come and See

Journey Through John- Believe

Obedience…the good, the bad, and the ugly of obedience.

Jonah 3- Humility and Mercy

Jonah 2 – Face to Face with God

Jonah- The God of the Persistent Call

Fresh Start- Strength and Courage

Fresh Start – Remember

Fresh Start | Giants

Fresh Start | Obedience

New Years Day 2017

Christmas Eve 2016

Advent | Peace

Advent | Joy

Advent | Love

Advent | Hope

Multiply Remix | Generosity

Multiply Remix | Freely You’ve Received, Freely Give

Multiply Remix | Kingdom of Risk

The Sacred Secular Divide | Truth

The Sacred Secular Divide | Ministry and the Marketplace

The Sacred Secular Divide | The Older Brother

The Sacred Secular Divide | Co-Laborers

Mission AOR | Eternity

Mission AOR | On Mission

Mission AOR | Being Changed

Mission AOR | Following

A Wise Person Once Said | Trust

A Wise Person Once Said | Priorities

A Wise Person Once Said | Integrity

A Wise Person Once Said | Wisdom

A Wise Person Once Said | Relationships

A Wise Person Once Said | Money

A Wise Person Once Said | Time

Pocket Monsters

Boldness is Better Than the Bubble

The Grand Finale – Church in the Park

I’m Going Through a Stage | Parent

I’m Going Through A Stage | Young Adult

I’m Going Through A Stage | Child

I’m Going Through A Stage | Infant

The Jury’s Out | Interaction

The Jury’s Out | Self Righteousness

The Jury’s Out | Discernment

Mothers Day | We Are Family

Practical Christianity for Dummies | Perserverance

Practical Christianity for Dummies | Conflict

Practical Christianity for Dummies | Self-Control

Practical Christianity for Dummies | Faith & Deeds

Practical Christianity for Dummies | Life’s Not Fair

Easter Sunday

Good Friday

Story Rewind | Restoration

Story Rewind | Exiles

Story Rewind | Kingdom

Story Rewind | God is Faithful

Story Rewind | Conquest – Drive Home

Story Rewind | Conquest

Story Rewind | Moses

Story Rewind | Abraham, Isaac, Jacob

Story Rewind | Creation, Fall, Flood

Fear Not | Postures

Fear Not | With and Without Christ

Fear Not | Dealing with Fear

Fear Not | Victory Over Fear

Kingdom’s Purpose

I’ll Be Home Christmas | Christmas Eve

I’ll Be Home for Christmas | Advent

Multiply | The Local Church

Multiply | Life in the Church

Multiply | The Heart of a Disciple Maker

Multiply | The Command to Make Disciples

Multiply | What is a Disciple?

Attracting Heaven | No Other Gods

Attracting Heaven | Abandonment to Self

Attracting Heaven | Worship and Warfare

Attracting Heaven | Isaiah 6

Attracting Heaven | Worship In Spirit And Truth

Elevator Talk | Serve

Elevator Talk | Why Groups?

Elevator Talk | Why Worship?

Elevator Talk | Why the Church?

Refresh | Philippians 4

Refresh | Philippians 3

Refresh | Philippians 2

Refresh | Philippians 1

Losing Love | Letting Them See You Bleed

Losing Love | False Forgiveness

Losing Love | Screen Addiction

Losing Love | The Opposing Team Mentality (Bonus)

Losing Love | The Opposing Team Mentality

Losing Love | Tourist

Losing Love | Airport Gate Lounge

Losing Love | The Excarnation of Humanity

First… | With Time

First | With Talents

First | With Money

First | True North

It’s Just a Phase, So Don’t Miss It

Hand In The Glove