Saturday Night Service

Our mission is to lead people to follow Jesus, be changed by Jesus, and commit to the mission of Jesus…because lives are at stake. One of our values at Lakeland is reaching. This means we’ll do anything short of sin to reach the unengaged individuals in our community. To help us accomplish this, one of the things the Lord has instructed us to do is to take a step of faith to launch a Saturday night service.

The reasons we believe we need to do this are:

1) It will help us to reach people who can’t come on a Sunday morning – we no longer live in a culture where everyone works from “9am-5pm, Monday to Friday” and has Sunday mornings free. There are a number of people who work on Sundays and can’t attend church but would be able to attend a Saturday night service.

2) It will help us to reach people who won’t come on a Sunday morning – in addition to people who can’t come on a Sunday morning, there are also those who won’t because of the timing and how it fits in their lifestyle. We often say that 60% of the people in Walworth County fit into this group. Many of these people may be open to attending a Saturday night service though.


Q: When will the Saturday services start?

A: The first Saturday service will be on Saturday, September 9, 2017

Q: What time will the service be held at?

A: The Saturday service will start at 5pm.

Q: Will this service be the same as our three Sunday services?

A: Yes. All four services will be identical.

Q: Do we have enough volunteers to run this service?

A: There are always opportunities to use your gifts and serve others. We would love to ‘deepen the bench’ of volunteers at all services.

Q: Will there be Kids’ Ministry on Saturday nights?

A: Yes. Full programming for Birth -5th Grade.

Q: If I have more questions who do I contact?

A: Contact the Lakeland office @ (262) 245-4567 or email us at