Hogar Tech 2019 – Costa Rica

Our purpose is to bring unique help to the orphanage by serving them through specifically needed work projects.  The first would include redesigning the way their buildings are wired together to improve speed and stability. The technology at the home was never put together with a scalable plan to ensure things were easy to fix and easy to add on as they grew. Secondly, we will ensure everything is in a good environment and secured from the kids and staff. Currently many of the items they have are sitting in ceilings (at >100 degrees) or on tables/shelves that are easy for the staff (or children) to get a hold of and mess up or break. We want everything in a controlled, climate friendly area to make sure things last as long as possible. Finally, we need to better protect the building from the environment of Costa Rica. The home has 13-15 lightning strikes on property that takes out electronic equipment with many of the strikes. We want to isolate each house from each other so that if one house gets hit it will not spread to half the (or possibly the entire) home. We want  Our team looks forward to pouring our God-given abilities into the home and helping them focus as many of their resources as possible on the kids in the home.

Approximately 50% of the funds raised will go directly towards the ministry of Hogar. The remainder will send our people into a life-changing opportunity. Each person will be raising ~$1,500.

Time Has Been Sweet

Today was action packed with a great closing. We finished up every cabinet (all 8!) with the equipment and fiber runs and got them online for Hogar to use. Everything is now ready for the cameras to be installed and ready to go for them with lightning protection (after a few more battery backups are [...]

Lights, Cables, Action!

Today started with devotionals in the Rancho with kids and staff.  Cary and Joel shared from their hearts and we followed up with some singing and a little dancing.  The kids ensure it is lively every time. After a day of play and rest yesterday, it was time to get back to work.  We discussed [...]

The Adventure Continues

Today was adventure...to say the least! Check this out... The day started at 5:30am! Yep, the sun was shining and the temp was actually a cool 68 degrees. Best of all, no snow on the ground. The five of us loaded up in Tim's van for a day full of adventure. First of all, did [...]

Is that Rebar?

Hello everyone.  We had a busy day today, but I think it was quite fruitful.  It began with Ryan and Richard sharing their testimony's with the Tias and younger children that weren't at school.  It was special hearing their stories translated to Spanish, and I think it was encouraging for the Tias and children to [...]

An enjoyable Sabbath day in Costa Rica

This morning I sat down at 5:45 am to journal my previous day's experience at Hogar de Vida as well as my journey with God.   The sun on my shoulder felt wonderful as I worked through what God has planned for me, what Jesus wants of me, and what is God's calling for me.   I [...]

A Great First Day

From Cary's epic battle with the "insectos de cafe" to great a discussion after hearing Matt's testimony, it was a spirit-filled and productive day. With everything getting through customs, we were able to start the day at full throttle and got a lot done. We got to experience the full gauntlet of Costa Rican wall [...]

A Good Long Day

A day that started with waking up at midnight comes to a close roughly 20 hours later with the 5 of us at Hogar de Vida in Atenas, Costa Rica.   Sitting here, completely exhausted, but full of joy and stomachs full on rice and beans; we discuss and plan the days to come.  All 6 […]

Prepped and Ready

It's been six months of preparing, fundraising, and bonding, and we are ready to go! Our fundraising efforts went really well and we able to get all critical equipment plus a few more items to help protect Hogar from the crazy weather down there. On top of that, we didn't think there was any way [...]