Hogar 2018 – Guatemala

Lakeland Community Church is sending a team to Hogar de Vida Children’s Home in Guatemala. While they are at Hogar De Vida, the team will serve the staff and children by helping with various projects.

Today is our last full day at Hogar de Vida; tomorrow morning we head back to Guatemala City. We spent the morning finishing up a few work projects.  A few of us also did some deep cleaning around the kitchen and our living quarters. John used his expertise and taught a tooth brushing and flossing […]

Tuesday: It’s Oralia’s BIRTHDAY!!! That meant we were all greeted with 6 am fireworks! After breakfast and devotions, the projects continued… Most people rotated what project they were working on so many got to try new things. Many jobs are being checked off our list! Some kids had physical therapy appointments today which provided one […]

Monday: Our wifi went down but that didn’t stop us from getting things done around here except a blog post for you! We spent all day in every direction! 6 of 7 babies are very sick and left Hogar with all the caregivers to be seen by a local pediatrician who was an hour away. […]

“How are we doing?” you ask…  Utz which is Quiche for “very well”.  This group has come together as a team supporting each other in so many ways. Saturday night was an extremely rough night for the night shift women.  Many of the children are very sick with what we think is pneumonia.  They are […]

Last night the Lakeland Ladies began a rotation of staying overnight with the babies – feeding, bathing, and being on call as third shift staff- so that the Hogar staff can get some rest.   The day started bright and early with the roosters crowing and dogs barking at 4:30 am. After breakfast, we road […]

  After many calls, long conversations and learning new words in Spanish, the final 24 members of our team arrived in the back of a pickup.  American air lines delivered the remainder of our bags. There was much rejoicing at their arrival followed by “Christmas” in the storage room as we unpacked the bags and […]

Our cup has runneth over all day today…it has been a day filled with many blessings. Our team set forth early this morning when we started our day packing the bus and beginning our journey to Hogar de Vida. The bus was a bumpy adventure, but we were in good hands with our bus driver […]

Team Guatemala 2018! We have made it to Guatemala City!!! After loading 37 bags and 14 team members into vehicles, we had a seamless trip to Chicago O’hare.  There was a slight delay leaving from Chicago. We barely made our connecting flight to Dallas only after dashing through the airport as they held the plane. […]