Hogar 2017

Lakeland Community Church is sending a team of 22 people to Hogar de Vida Children’s Home in Costa Rica. While they are at Hogar De Vida, the team will serve the staff and children by helping with various projects.

The team got back to Lakeland around midnight this morning. We were so blessed with easy travels through all the airports and no missing luggage. It was awesome to see our huge group with our matching shirts filling up lines.  I personally was awed by the amount of people that commented and asked us about our […]

Thursday, another day that the Lord has made especially for our team and our last morning here at Hogar De Vida. Yes, He crafted this day specially and specifically for each of us.  God does this every day – whether at home or in Costa Rica.  He does it for you and He does it […]

I heard Hogar De Vida was this amazing magical place where God speaks to you so clearly. He hits people with a 2×4 here. I wanted that 2×4. I so badly wanted to hear the voice of God. There were decisions I needed to make and I wanted God to clearly tell me my answers. […]

I decided to do a creation devotion while I was here in Costa Rica, for all the tias and kids, and teammates. While I had planned the whole thing weeks in advanced, I believe God really wanted to show me his beauty first hand. God knows what I needed to see, he knows my heart, […]

We came here with SO much that we wanted to accomplish, projects outside of the Hogar De Vida at the homes of some of the staff, painting all 9 bedrooms inside house 1, and painting many tables and bookcases that were built by the team before us. All of that on top of watching the […]

It is such a blessing to spend this week.. this day with such an amazing group!  Oh- the laughter, fellowship, connecting, friendships = so beautiful!!! The day began with the ‘buses’ picking us up at 6:15am to head to the town of Jaco (pronounced Hako) for a day of trust and rest.  As a side […]

Yesterday we celebrated Valentine’s Day with a trip to the beach! First we stopped for the view on top of a mountain. Then we got to see the crocodiles. Then we made it to Jaco for breakfast on the beach. After breakfast, all 22 of us went ziplining. Some were scared, but still did it. […]

From the moment that I got here to Hogar De Vida the presence of God has been overwhelming.  Getting to know the members of the group has been nothing short of a blessing.  Everyone has been very gracious and the fellowship has been extremely edifying.  During my time here we have divided up the responsibilities […]

  Hi, this is Heather, one of the team leaders. I just wanted to apologize for the lack of blogs on here. Lakeland has a special relationship with Hogar De Vida and we get to do things most teams don’t, like giving the tias a break. Unfortunately, that means our time is busy. Since we […]

Tranquil. Blessed. Rested. Anticipating. Every morning we each speak one word that sums up how we are feeling. It's exciting to see how people are feeling and how each new day has evolved our emotions. There are relationships forming here that will last a lifetime. We are supportive and embracing this journey.  We are concentrating [...]

at the ice cream shop in Atenas at the ice cream shop Phil and his frappicino Hola Lakeland, your Amiga Karina here to tell you about my day. I woke up to the sound of a rooster this morning. Anticipation pushing me out of my bed by 5:00 ready to do the Lords work. Every [...]

Day 2 Today was our first full day of work and we were fully immersed in painting and kids. The day however started amazing, and prepared us fully to trust in God and trust in and rely on one another. Our devo team did an amazing job with scripture and devotions talking about trust. They […]