Hogar 2017 – Guatemala

Lakeland Community Church is sending a team to Hogar de Vida Children’s Home in Guatemala. While they are at Hogar De Vida, the team will serve the staff and children by helping with various projects.

WOW!!! This was our last morning at Hogar. The alarms were set for 4 am, but we were all already out of bed.  As groggy as we seemed, we were all excited for this travel day.  That long, winding road out through the mountain was waiting for us.  The Majestic Bessie and Buck the Truck […]

We are in denial. No one wants to admit that it is our last day here with the staff and children. We have worked diligently to focus on and finish what we came to accomplish. Some painted. Some stained the closets. Some spent time with the children. In between these tasks, most snuck away for […]

Our morning was richly blessed with warm sunshine and a traditional Guatemalan breakfast prepared by the staff. We shared the meal with the children in their kitchen. We were also given a tortilla making lesson and had many laughs together, as our tortillas were not nearly as round and flat as theirs. But it seemed […]

Josefa. A sweet 10 year old girl who is forever part of the Hogar family. After several years here, as of this spring, she no longer lives here but with her sister in the mountains. They live in a home with dirt floors, a very small kitchen and two bedrooms for this family of 7. There needs aren’t […]

Today was our day of rest. There were no work projects or responsibilities scheduled but we felt the absence of the children. Entering the market streets. The streets of San Andreas Sajcabaja greeted us warmly after our bowls of oatmeal and fresh cut fruit.  We slung our bags over our shoulders and put the local […]

Our team woke up grateful to receive rest. Day of the Dead is on November 1st, however, it is celebrated ALL MONTH LONG here. So music, parties, and singing last well into the night (like 4 am!). Including homemade firecrackers set off at any given time throughout the day that sound much like cannon fires […]

I feel confident speaking for our team to say that none of us could have anticipated how amazing our first full day has been here.  It has been reiterated over and over if we let go and accept Christ chose us, we have endless love.  So often even when we ‘say out loud’ how much […]

Some alarms rang about 12:30 am. Most did not sleep well and no one rested over 4 hours. The team was at church by 1:15 am loading two vans and off to O’Hare. We arrived to check in by 3 am, though time consuming, all went very smooth.  No time to rest as we boarded […]

We all want the most out of life, but few of us know how to get it. One thing we do realize, however, is that to get the most out of life, we must be willing to make some changes. Yet so many of us are afraid of the outcome. Change, after all, means replacing […]

Team Guatemala was commissioned this past Saturday and Sunday. We felt your support and will carry your prayers with us on our journey. We depart from Lakeland on Thursday around 1:30 am and will spend the entire day traveling. We have been taught that if we come to the Word of God with an expectant […]