Hogar Tech 2019 – Costa Rica

Our purpose is to bring unique help to the orphanage by serving them through specifically needed work projects.  The first would include redesigning the way their buildings are wired together to improve speed and stability. The technology at the home was never put together with a scalable plan to ensure things were easy to fix and easy to add on as they grew. Secondly, we will ensure everything is in a good environment and secured from the kids and staff. Currently many of the items they have are sitting in ceilings (at >100 degrees) or on tables/shelves that are easy for the staff (or children) to get a hold of and mess up or break. We want everything in a controlled, climate friendly area to make sure things last as long as possible. Finally, we need to better protect the building from the environment of Costa Rica. The home has 13-15 lightning strikes on property that takes out electronic equipment with many of the strikes. We want to isolate each house from each other so that if one house gets hit it will not spread to half the (or possibly the entire) home. We want  Our team looks forward to pouring our God-given abilities into the home and helping them focus as many of their resources as possible on the kids in the home.

Approximately 50% of the funds raised will go directly towards the ministry of Hogar. The remainder will send our people into a life-changing opportunity. Each person will be raising ~$1,750.